About the show

Welcome to the Dads Like Us Podcast run by Drew and myself (Jordan). It’s nice to have you. More about us shortly, first though, what is the podcast about and why we believe you should listen to the show.

It is for dads, like ourselves, who are juggling family responsibilities, commitment to partners, work and home life (you know how things just ‘break themselves’ and need fixing).

We all have that itch, even though we want to attend every football game and read bedtime stories, that desire, that itch, to achieve something. Whether it’s to start a business, write that book, improve that golf handicap, whatever it may be.

Well, Drew and I know personally what it is like to be overwhelmed, to be stuck, to want to do more. You see, we have owned businesses, actually, Drew still does (more about Drew later) as well as homeschooling, so, you’re not alone.

We know there are many others in the same situation out there, tired, despondent, stuck, apprehensive, financially constrained…the list is long. This podcast is like a group hug, support of sorts, as we open up and share our success and failures.

This isn’t a masterclass on the ten things to success, this is more like a
buddy who says “yeah that didn’t work for me and here are the reasons why” so others avoid the same pitfalls. In the end, we all want to achieve more out of life.

About us

Clichéd as it is, this podcast started from a conversation at a barbeque. We both got talking and landed on a conversation about Gary Vaynerchuk or more aptly about GaryVee, as he’s better known (be warned his language is NSFW* but the content is very good).

We discovered we both wanted to start a podcast, I had begun looking into the cost of equipment and discussing a joint podcast with a close friend, whilst Drew already had the equipment and a few ideas but needed to get started.

At that moment, we committed to a joint venture and a two-week schedule, all done old school style with a handshake and ‘clinking’ the bottles of beer in hand, smoke still rising from the barbeque, other attendees wondering “what just happened”. The Dads Like Us podcast came to life.

Jordan (left in pic)

I’ve always been involved with side businesses or side hustles as they are better known these days. I started my first business with a sibling, I was 17 years old with the naive gusto of a teenager.

It involved writing hoards of grocery store prices on paper lists and creating comparisons among the big ones to sell to shoppers, it was 1993, the internet was barely a thing. The venture quickly became too labour intensive and had to be abandoned. At the time, nothing like that existed, these days comparison sites are ubiquitous.

The feeling I had when working for myself I can never truly describe, alas, now a family man with two young boys, free time is a scarcity. What I have in enthusiasm is in stark contrast to focus, so many plans on paper but very few started.

I’ve failed, procrastinated, or given up more times than I wish to recall. This podcast is both a personal challenge to see something through and a cathartic process to admit out loud to hiding behind ‘getting myself ready to start’ or excuses like “if I had this tool or that funding, I could do it”. Listen, enjoy (hopefully), group hugs not required. I’m grateful you are here.

Drew (not left in pic)

My love for music started when I was 13 and I knew early on it was the only thing I ever wanted to do. I remember in class when asked what we wanted to be, the usual Doctor, Lawyer, Bank Manager was mentioned and I said, I want to make music, it got laughs from my peers and the teacher announcing loudly, “you’ll never make money doing that”.

I was undeterred. It took several years including some very tough times to turn my passion into a career as a Composer, a business and my livelihood.

It’s not all pool parties with bottles of champagne, models and MTV cribs interviews. Running your own business is equal parts rewarding, stressful and nerve wreaking [Jordan’s note: but the pool parties are cool, right?] and the pool parties never transpired [Jordan again: oh].

Having a family and two young children, it is always in the back of my mind that I need to succeed. My desire is to have more than one stream of income and the idea of discussing the trials and tribulations of creating another income stream appealed to me.

A podcast is a natural segway for me since I spend my days around recording equipment. Like Jordan, I love a good conversation and love to share all the hurdles I battle with regularly.

I hope you enjoy the show and it inspires you, we are not alone, we all have similar responsibilities and although different desires, action (or lack of it) is universal. We all need to start.

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